Day 211: 31st Jan, 2010

Back to those post-sunrise sleeping days! The final week always brings with it a barrage of submissions. So here I am, working on an HRM presentation, with beautiful old bollywood songs running on youtube alongside. Soulful.

A relatively early start to the Sunday as I had volunteered to be a 'mentor' for Ocumen. That's an event where students from schools (11th,12th) from different cities come to get a taste of helL. One thing I realised (again) that there is a big difference between what we were and what kids are now. Though the gap is only around 8 years, it would easily be a generation gap as far as mindset and outlook is concerned! The ease of access to information shows.

That took most of my day. Was hanging around the mess having snacks when I met Vandana.
Vandana: "Hey where are you studying QAM from?"
Me: "Huh?" [exams are a week away, why is she asking NOW?]
Vandana: "Don't know where everyone else is studying from.. Need to find out"
Me: [couldn't hold myself back!] "But why is everyone studying QAM?!"

And even before Vandana answered, I suddenly recollected we have a QAM quiz tomorrow. Great, now even I am seeking the same answers.

Luckily happened to bump into Singla somewhere around the library. Got a quick coaching session from him on a couple of topics. I hope it will suffice.

Found some cool features on my cell. Well nothing new technologically but was new to me :-p . And that is all I would care about right? :D . Accessed youtube on my cell.. awesome rendering of the flash videos. Also updated my FB status for the first time through my cell :-p

Chalo anyways, it's 7 now. Birds have risen up and started chirping their vocal cords off. I have a class at 9. Let me get a few winks. More sleepless days ahead.

Day 210: 30th Jan, 2010 - Smart or Smarter?

If you are smart, you can make good ppts in term 3. If you are smarter, you won't need to make ppts in term 3 :D . Won't go into details here, but SKD and KR did just that today :D

I managed to write another poem today. Tried some variation with the rhyme scheme. You can check out the poem by clicking here.

We had an MM quiz today. Earlier, during the lecture, we asked our prof if there would be objectives in the paper. He said "some of it". He wasn't lying - one question of the 10 had alternatives.

After playing some VERY poor TT, went with TG to the city to handover some certis. Made him more of a man by asking him to ride the bike for a part of the return journey.

And after aeons, the INDEX room is now clean! Wayyy tooooooo clean.. kuch karna padega to make it more acceptable :-p

Day 209: 29th Jan, 2010

A very impromptu and sudden plan had me going off to see Ishqiya right after lectures. Movie was OK.. ending's a little abrupt.. but then you don't get bored through the movie. A one time watch perhaps.

Went with Pachpan and chatur in search of the new sports complex. All we managed to find were a couple of under-construction buildings. Pachpan went for his Credence interview while chatur and myself went to the tennis court. Found Praveen there, and Naveen joined us later. Played a fair bit of tennis - ran around a lot! :D . Managed to serve over arm :D . Climbed the adjoining fence :D . And jumped from there :D

Day 208: 28th Jan, 2010

So finally the quizzes have started pouring. Had the SCM and CFM quiz today. Nothing much to prepare in CFM - 90% of the class walked in without reading a word. And then, I utilised the 20 min gap between the tests to study for the SCM quiz :D

Played TT after a looooong time. Went back to my room and did some timepass. Suddenly around 7, I got a call from Pindyck asking me to come down for CS! Counter-strike!

Some info about me. Back in school, I was a BIG addict of all video games. But somehow, the computer games bug never bit me, mainly because I didn't like playing without joysticks. And inspite of me warning all this to Pindyck, was incorporated in his team.

We started playing as terrorists. To identify ourselves (especially novices like me who wouldn't be able to distinguish with the clothing), we named ourselves as terrorist_XYZ. All was fine as I tried to shoot and kill the counter terrorists. Really enjoyed all the killing, though usually I happened to be the victim. The funnier part was when we switched roles to become counter terrorists. It never occurred to me that our names won't change. I saw somebody named terrorist_rancho in front of me, became trigger happy and killed my teammate :D

Day 207: 27th Jan, 2010

A relatively mellow day only turned out to be an antithetical beginning to the night. Today saw one of the craziest acts our wing has seen (in close competition to Dixit's tantrums on spotting a lizard 2 billion light years away).

Started off pretty simple - I was lost in yet another episode of LOST when Dixit and KK walked into my room, for some usual tp. To cut out another long story, I'll just say Dixit took my bottle of water on purpose to provoke me, and I responded :-p . I responded by taking all the bottles of water I could lay my hands on and pouring/splashing it on Dixit. Unfortunately, Dixit chose to run into KK's room and poor KK had to pay the price as the whole drama unfolded there!

Went on to celebrate SKD and ADJ's birthdays. SKD had already been handed a warm up greet by his Manfester friends. ADJ was the more untraceable one, until the INDEX ops guy (me!) decided to take things (in this case, ADJ's neck) into his hands - literally tracked him down at some hidden lane on campus and brought him to GnB :D . Of course, that was followed by the customary celebrations. Again, shared responsibility eventually became no one's responsibility - and we had to make-do with a sandwich cake.

Today also saw two of my friends Pindyck and Yogs clear their CFA exams. So the celebrations were extended to include them as well :D . At one point of time, Yogs came charging like a raging bull to butt his sauce-laden head right into Pindyck's tummy, leaving a nice impression :D

Day 206: 26th Jan, 2010 - Happy Republic Day!

Timelines here are sacrosanct. On 15th August (Independence Day), I woke up a little late, ran all the way but still reached the venue exactly a minute late (no exaggeration) and missed the flag hoisting and national anthem. I wanted to ensure no such thing happens today. So I had set up an alarm for 8.30, one complete hour before the function at 9.30. I did manage to get up on time, snoozed the alarm for another 15min and then finally got up. I just thought I will confirm the venue once before leaving.

I opened my laptop to check any mail. And here it was:

"Dear Students

Flag Hoisting and Republic Day Celebrations will begin at 9.00 am. You are all invited for the same. The venue is the area adjoing the badminton court and the students affairs centre."

9.00 am!! :O .. Wasn't it supposed to be at 9.30?!?!?!

I checked my watch. 8.55 .. mocked back the face of the watch.

So there I was, running once again at full speed. But I think this time I have more practice running to the lectures and so I did manage to reach the venue just in the nick of time. I landed at the venue at the exact same moment when our beautiful Tricolour was hoisted to flutter in glory :)

Day 205: 25th Jan, 2010

Life suddenly becomes so empty and boring when these fests end. I remember having this kinda feeling after INDEX (to a much higher degree of course) as I suddenly ended up on the routine.

Today I recorded my first absent (excluding the sad HRM incident) of the term. Woke up late and missed the CFM class. Would have missed the next ones too but thankfully ADJ happened to call and wake me up :D . Ran to the class after getting ready in 5min (am becoming more and more proficient at that). Even gave a surprise quiz in HRM :-p

Sat in the INDEX room in the afternoon as the alums were leaving. Nice fun again :D . Ended up recording my second absent as well while talking to them. Nothing to worry, I have enough buffer left.

Anyways, it's only 12.30 right now, but I think I will go to sleep. Want to wake up for tomorrow's function.

Happy Republic Day guys! Jai Hind!

Day 204: 24th Jan, 2010 - AWESOME!

IIM Lucknow is a great place. Great great place. I may be cribbing about tiny things now and then, but all that fades away when I look at things from even a little distance.

Lots of PGP23s are here, and it is so obvious that they all miss campus so much. It's around 5 now and I have just come from the location where we had the insti party. One crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy night. Actually after the Kailash Kher concert (which I personally found a little disappointing), I went off to my room to relax and was almost about to skip the insti party. Some stupid thing in me prodded me to go and I am really glad I did! Had awesomeeeeeeeeee fun!! Many PGP2s making their debuts and some PGP2s and alums just extending their record.

Sometimes, it's a pity all nights have to end...

PS: Some Channel V lady took recordings of a few of us. I may just come on national television, thanks to my unshaved unkempt looks :-p . But if at all I do make it through the editing table, I don't know the date and time when it's going to be aired :-S

Day 203: 23rd Jan, 2010 - AWESOME!

Today a lot of things happened, but I am going to write only about one thing - INDEX. Alums have flown down to the campus. We all met up in the room and just had a great great great time. It is 5.10 am today and I can easily say there wasn't one single moment that I felt sleepy. One of my best days on campus! INDEX Rocks!!

Day 202: 22nd Jan, 2010 - Parikrama!

Just when we thought the cold would go away, it's back! And worse than what it was! Damn cold day today. Dense fog from around 8pm itself!

Today's lectures were painfully slow, even with the novel. Worked on another small INDEX notice after class. (NB was kinda empty!) Had a meeting in the evening.

Day 1 of manfest today! We INDEXians then went to watch HellRaiser - the rock show/competition. That was OK. Had cheese burst domino's pizza. That was superb! :D . After that we had a show by Parikrama. That was AWESOME! Super energetic! A great start to day#1.

Back in the confines of my room.. listening to a couple of parikrama songs. No lectures tomorrow. So no tension of waking up :D . Am making use of this by randomly listening to a lot of songs now. It's almost 4.15 am. Guess I'll go to sleep now, awaiting another good event tomorrow!

Day 201: 21st Jan, 2010 - Zero Visibility!

Unlike yesterday, lots of classes today. Half the MIS class was spent in random gyaan. Passed the remaining lecture hours with Kane and Abel.

Immediately after class, had to leave for some urgent work - going to a couple of schools and handing over their trophies. (Riza chickened out because of the lathi charge rumour :-p). Didn't even have lunch.

Had the INDEX meeting with seniors - a small doubt clearing session sorta thing. Some useful points there. Worked a bit on a collage for the NB. But then Ops Guru called me to SC's room to tally some transactions. Got a bit delayed in attending Manfest 2010's cake cutting ceremony. Missed the cake!

It's zero visibility state on campus! Impossible to see anything/anyONE even a few metres away! and nobody on campus needs a cigarette to smoke :D

Day 200: 20th Jan, 2010

Firstly, Celebrations! 200 days @ helL!

Was pretty a chill day too... only 2 hours of lectures.. which passed by rapidly thanks to my Kane and Abel. Was reading that through the day, skipping dinner :-p

Day 199: 19th Jan, 2010

My classmate and hostel mate, ADJ, is ironically, not in control of his sleep durations these days. So I have this deal with him where, every four times I wake him up, he treats me with a choclate :D

As usual, today morning, 5 minutes before the lecture, I was doing my usual run to the mess to grab a bite before continuing the run to the classroom. I stopped to make the wake up call...

Me (banging on the door) : "Chal uth saale.. paanch min hii hai"
ADJ (sleepy and half-closed eyes) : "arre aaj toh 9.45 ka hii class hai na?"
Me : "Haan toh ho gaya na 9.40!"
ADJ : "Huh?! Abhi ek minute pehli hii toh 9 tha"

:D :D

Golden dialogue in the FM lec: 'Cases are like vegetables.. yeh khaana zaroori hai..! '

We had some presentations in the HR class where each group was asked to come up with suggestions on how teaching in a particular course could be improved. Pretty good concept I would say! What was (selfishly biased towards it) most satisfying to me that the batch thought of INDEX as a pretty useful idea. Definitely encouraging!

Day 198: 18th Jan, 2010 - One second!

Sometimes, some simple things make you wonder how much in control of things you really are. So many things could have been different that day. I could have searched for one book less in the library. I could have left without pausing to greet the librarian. I could have gone to the library without making small talk with my friend. I could have run for a few more steps on my way back to the classroom. The prof could have come in a minute later. A couple of more guys could have been absent to hamper the prof's progress during attendance. A zillion other things perhaps. But none of it happened - and I missed my attendance for a 1.5 hr lec because of 1 second! :-(

Finally did manage to lay my hands on the book. Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer (ya, ya. stop being judgemental about somebody's reading habits :-p). Realised the reason why I missed the attendance was that the book was wrongly titled!!!!!!!

Had an INDEX meet post dinner. So much to do ...

Day 197: 17th Jan, 2010 - Nothingness

Woke up at 12. Had lunch. Did some tp. Chatted a lot. Snacks. Chatted more. Dinner. Zzz @ 10. Woke up to find everything dark..I thought it must be around 5. Discovered it was just 2am. Remembered that we had to submit a comm assignment tomorrow. Sat up on the comp. Only ended up chatting some more. And height of heights - spent around 30min looking up 'joke' on wikipedia :D

Day 196: 16th Jan, 2010 - INDEX '09 Results!

Was a day when I surprised myself. I actually asked doubts (not exactly doubts..more like points that I felt were not right :-p) in QAM. And not once, but twice! Of course, had to pay a heavy price for it .. the prof ended up asking my name :-( . That's the most dangerous thing that can happen. Need to come up with some hiding strategy..

Had our INDEX 2009 Prize Distribution function. Enjoyed a lot :D . Especially Tarun's "unprecedented" speech :D :D

Came back to my room and finished designing the poster. That ate up time and consequently I ate dinner @ GoBi. (GoBi a.k.a. GnB - Gossip n Bite, a snack shop started on campus by a few 2nd year students!) with Saurabh. And then suddenly randomly came to know of this manfest competition that was going on. Played O-zone, starting 30 min late :-p . Was fun trying to solve that loooooong case :D

Day 195: 15th Jan, 2010

We had a great QAM attendance today. Even the perenially busy breed of PCOMers managed to find time (so what if they attended the lecture wearing suits :-p). All in the hopes of a "surprise" quiz which was to be conducted. Indeed there was a not-so-pleasant surprise as the test didn't happen as predicted. Respite however did come in the form of Singla getting caught for sitting in the lecture without any book or pen :D (sadistic humour only makes it funnier).

These days, your probability of finding an oil well here would be greater than the probability of finding a soul who takes bath everyday. (I know people whose bath taking frequency is now once per week). And in this situation, today I took bath TWICE (and skipped lunch), on account of the solar eclipse. Not that I am a very religious or spiritual person or a 'believer'. Just a person who does not disbelieve.

Pssst: Party in the girls' hostels. Hoping to get some nice stories/gossip :D

Day 194: 14th Jan, 2010

Another of this witty prof statements today. Our SCM prof caught one of the students sleeping and told him - "Please go wash your face and come. If you will be sleepy, you will induce sleeping in your neighbours as well. Only studies will not get induced amongst you all" :D

During the previous sem, Shreyas used to kill time and nurture his grey matter by coming up with anagrams for names of people. For samplers, sec B people reading this, try figuring out who are 'HIS JAM RAN RASH', 'I IN TAJ A DAY', 'BRAINS' :-p . Anyways, he was regretting that he had run out of names and consequently had nothing to do. So I came to his rescue and gave him the task of coming up with AB dialogues. Somewhere along, we also started listing AB movies. Definitely took all the lecture time quickly. Lecture ended with a grand altercation between Sudesh and Kans over attendance :D

Had pizza for lunch - Sarin's treat for his engagement! Topic revolved a bit around a similar theme ;-)

Saw Invictus in the evening. It's a movie based on the time when Nelson Mandela was just elected as the president. A nice watch, I recommend. The title of the movie, however, is also the title of a poem by W.E. Henley. The poem is one of the finest I have read. Do check it out at

Day 193: 13th Jan, 2010 - Aal izz helL!

This sleep thing has already cost me my breakfast over the week. Today, it almost cost my first absent mark of the term. After snoozing/closing a billion alarms right from 6 am to 8 am, I tried to satiate my greed for further sleep by lying in my bed for a few more minutes. Or so I thought. Until eco stud Pindyck (whom I usually wake up every morning!) bangs my door at 8:54 shouting "abbe saale, 6 min mei class hai". And that the first lec was from a professor who was pretty strict about the timings. Managed to finish off the most basic routine actions and run my way into the lecture in those 6 minutes.

Profs here sometimes show a really nice sense of humor. It so happened that the FM 2 prof used a chalk which was a little light in colour and so a girl from the last bench requested the prof to use another colour chalk. With a nice smirk on his face, the prof walks and picks up a PINK chalk and asks "Is this fine?" :D

In one of my earlier posts, I made fun of people who sleep late making a presentation and consequently miss the class the next day. Happenstance - the very next day I slept off and missed a quiz. Yesterday I made fun of all the Lost and Found mails. Today, temporarily, my bike went missing! Fortunately, did happen to trace it to some other location where it was parked :-p

And this one is the biggie of the day. Even before coming to helL (just IIM L then :p), I had wanted to do these 2-3 things. One was to maintain a daily blog - check. Other was to indulge in something like jogging to build my stamina. Finally, I have a start in that direction. Jogged today, must be around 3.5-4 km.. but sure seemed A LOT more ! BTW, inspiration for this sudden act was a denim which seemed to have become tighter than ever before :D

And finally trying to take part in one of these competitions. Brainstormed (I like the word :-D) a little with Meenal and Pankaj. We got really happy when we came up with what we saw were some cool novel ideas. But bloody every idea seems to have been thought of previously! It is but a small world..!

Back to my room and some music later, I realise it's 4 am now.. Class tomorrow @ 9.. sigh! Aal izz helL!

Day 192: 12th Jan, 2010 - Missing !

Blondie is our local intranet portal and every midnight, the batch gets a mass mailer where others can post their messages. Now, I haven't maintained any records, but I can easily bet that more than 90% of those mails are the 'Lost and Found' ones! It's really weird the kind of things that go missing on campus. We have had those mails for everything from watches to keys to rackets. There was even a case when someone simple forgot where he had kept his bike! :D . But today's entry takes the cake - one guy lost his suit ! The message as follows "I am not able to find my suit. I, being bad at remembering things, not able to relloect whether I lent it to somebody. So, in case somebody finds a blue coloured suit in a cover which has Chandigarh\'s address, then i would be really greatful. Being able to locate it would be a great help as placement time is around. Treat assured :) "

Had a caricature workshop in the evening. It was good, but my expectations from it was different. Shown here are a couple of pics of my effort. (the third one being the improvisation drawing :-p)

It's almost 2 am now. Am very very sleepy. Have an extra lec @ 9 in the morning, else could have slept till 10.15 :-x . And just when I am about to sleep, it's started to rain heavily! Wow... didn't see that coming!

Too tough to write anything sensible. Cyaa laters! gn!

Day 191: 11th Jan, 2010 - Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry

Yea, I know the book title is different. But then, I am not talking about that :-p

As I have pointed out, the weather is totally making me lazy (sleep is just a subset of laziness). Today I did not have any inclination to life my behind out of my bed at all! My bottle of water had been lying empty since I came back to my room and I just didn't go and fill it at all, rather resorting to the few ml of saliva left in my parched mouth to quench my thirst. It reached a more extreme situation when I decided to skip dinner for want of any enthu to move. Thanks to this silly decision, I did end up feeling a little hungry after a couple of hours. Luckily for me I have some dry fruits in my room!

Along with the involuntary overdose of laziness, I am also subjecting myself to a voluntary overdose of LOST. Finished season 1 after putting in 5 hrs of viewing time!

However, there WAS one thing today for which I did manage to get myself out of my room - and that is to catch my wing-mate red handed (or should I say wet-legged?) giving himself a nice pedicure :D . Despite a lot of resistance, we did manage to grab some pics - posted below! :D

Days 189,190: 9th-10th Jan, 2010

It's frikkin cold out here! Winter @ helL started off with me having to wear 2 layers of cloth. Around a couple of weeks back, I had to add a sweatshirt or jacket to that. Now, alongwith all that, I also have thermals, but it still feels cold! Almost as if the cold penetrates directly into the body through various means. The last 2 days especially have been super cold. Today I don't remember the sunlight coming down at all ! Had chilly winds the whole day.

All this temperature masti leads to a dense fog on campus. Literally, if you take 20 steps away from your hostel, you would lose sight of it :D .. Check out this pic!

We had this 3 session workshop by Abhiyan. The workshop was titled LEM or Laboratory in Entrepreneurial Motivation, and so it was!! It was conducted by Prof. Sunil Handa from IIM A and was one of the best sessions on campus. I won't write much about the session itself - since I believe it's effect would come only when delivered by the professor himself. However, this I'll say, if any one of you reading this post really wants to be an entrepreneur, you MUST speak to this guy.

Had INDEX final presentations today - the last step in the INDEX'09 journey. Went off pretty well. I was quite impressed by a couple of presentations and more than that by the quality of questions asked by the judge from A C Nielsen. Shanky was also with us thanks to the superb efficiency of trains in winter :-p .

Went to this place called Naush to celebrate. (Luckily Vanki managed to get the car and I got to evade biking in this cold!) Very mughlai type of ambience and food. Food was average I would say. We were there till 12, at which point we celebrated Vinay's birthday! Another first.. Gave him kicks right there in the restaurant compound :D

Made good use of my newly bought camera mobile. Am happy :D

Day 188: 8th Jan, 2010

Late morning. Breakfast skip. Lectures - fingernail hygiene :-p . City - trophies - INDEX. Small nap. Late night - for courageously(?) having volunteered to give the MM presentation. Most idiotic 'colorful' act ever on FaceBook!

A small prayer for my grandma...

Day 187: 7th Jan, 2010 - One and half hrs = 5400 seconds!

I have a strong inclination to believe that Einstein thought of the Theory of Relativity while hearing a lecture as a student. I had that experience today. Not that I had not attended 1.5 hr lectures before.. but 2 of them back to back was(is!) a little too much! Time just doesn't pass!.. not even by the second.

Our first lecture was MIS. The class spent the first 10 min trying to convince the prof to hold 'practical exams' for ITC rather than theory papers. Another funny incident in class:
Sir: So.. how many of you want to specialise in Systems?
Sir: How come so few people want to specialise in Systems? Why did you all decide not to continue in IT?
Soumen : ever since we had ITC

Was followed by the SCM class. This was followed by QAM 3 class, where our maths prof was more enthusiastic about teaching excel than the ITC prof! Good, it helped me definitely.

After many days, went to the city with Ashish in the afternoon with some INDEX work. Came back at around 6-6.30 - was already chilly. Had an INDEX meeting at 9.00 which got postponed. Took a walk around the campus with Saurabh. Came to know about this unique threat Poojavin uses to blackmail Saurabh :D . Finished off with the meeting and came back to my room and its been a LOST cause since then. It's 3 am now; a change from the last couple of days when I had been sleeping pretty early :-p . Guess I'll put myself to sleep now, or will it be another episode of LOST? Will tell tomorrow :-p

Day 186: 6th Jan, 2010 - Finally, it happened!

Finally, it happened!

First of all, let me talk about something that is so not happening these days - breakfast. Something about the weather, it's EXTREMELY sleep inducing! Yesterday my class started at 9.30, but yet I rushed in for a 2 min breakfast. Today, my class started only at 10.15, but yet I rushed in for a 2 min breakfast! The later the class is, the more I want to sleep. My bench-mate Shreyas is another case in point - he's missed all the first lectures till now :D

Anyways, back to the topic. So, finally what happened? Hmmm, before your mind starts running into all not-so-required directions, let me clear it up myself. I finally did an assignment all by myself. Well, it was a non-evaluative abstract that needed to be written, but even then, I would like to take the credit :D .. **applauds**

Non-mess day. Went to Brij ki Rasoi for lunch - the svastha aani mastha (marathi: cheap & good) option. Dinner was a pizza treat for Sudeshna's birthday. Only thing I had in the mess was the badam milk. Swell :D

Day 185: 5th Jan, 2010


Nothing much happened today. The term's turning out to be a pretty chill one. From the looks of it, I need to find myself some activity to do! For now, am hooked on to LOST (another series). Interesting premise it has - there is a plane crash and mysteriously no one dies.. however, they are stranded on an island where strange happenings keep occurring. I heard it gets a little boring in season3/4, but that's quite a long way ahead.

Academically (ironically I declared only yesterday that I don't write much on this topic, but contemplating backwards, I think I do it quite a bit :-p) , our HR classes are tending to venture pretty much in the philosophical area rather than functional. Some people seem to be thinking pretty much about it :D . Soumen for one had a lot of weird moral conflicts staring at him. Also found Subbu and Tarun in a looooong discussion about it during dinner time. Nice, interesting human behaviour this :-p

Day 184: 4th Jan, 2010 - Term III starts !

And so the grind begins (again!) ...

I don't recollect the last time I woke up to a pleasant alarm tone. Typically, I would use the alarm feature of my motorola C-150, specifically a tone called the burning train or something. Trust me, it could wake up a corpse :D . A new year, a new term and more importantly a new cellphone ensured a more calm wake up today. But this works only in ideal scenarios where I am mentally aware of the need to sacrifice sleep and rush to the class. And doesn't work in situations where I actually need to depend on some external intervention. And that is why I now have the Tipu Sultan tone as my alarm tone. And yes, this one can make a corpse on Jupiter wake up :D.

We seem to be having a number of GLOBE courses this sem. However, had 3 lecs today and it does feel like the profs this time are nice. Vinod (b'day boy today!) got christened as 'Chatur' in HR's HR class :-p

Finished off the registration stuff in the afternoon. Collected the usual truckload of books from the program office. Those books only seem to be helping in exercising my biceps and triceps once in every 3 months.

Spent the rest of the day majorly watching LOST. That's a new series that I target to finish this sem. Collected the manfest sweatshirt during dinner. Pretty cool one, this as well. Anyways, continued with a little more LOST post dinner.

It's midnight. Pretty early for helL standards, but am dead sleepy. Not sure of what I am writing. Will read the post tomorrow. Good night guys!

Day 183: 3rd Jan, 2010

Yo readers! First of all, wish you all a very Happy New Year ! Had a super short but nice stay back home.. caught up with family & friends, got a new cell, saw some movies, ate ate ate .. in short - timepass with no strings attached.

A pic I captured on my flight back.

New Innings

And now, it's back to helL! Its freezing out here now. Came back and setup my room. Every term, my bed cover and blanket gets washed once and my bed looks clean and uncluttered (once). Downloaded some 50 odd mails into outlook (and deleted most of them without a first glance). Went to the mess to have a little dinner. Completed the other ritual of buying an Aquafina bottle; the bottle will be used for the next 3 months. Did some banter with Ghate, Sudeshna, Shipra (+ Mr. X) outside Nescafe and finally went back with the intention of sleeping early at 10.30.

And now.. it is 1 am again.. and I am yet to sleep. Just a few hours since I am here and already the helL-effect is showing. woah!