Days 152,153,154: 27th-29th Nov, 2009 - INDEX'09!

Woah!! 3 super hectic but super memorable days. Words really wouldn't be able to capture the feelings that run behind. After all, this was the grand culmination of all the efforts we were putting in since the last few months!

Started 27th by going out to get some more new stamps. Went to a closer, more recognisable place this time. And also had the (happy?) realisation that I was overcharged two days back :-p. Bought A LOT of stationary items for the events team.

Had some little work here and there when I came back to college. Trucks had come by now, to carry teams' props to the ground. Helped a bit there. But left it to someone else as I had to go to the fair venue.

The setup looked nice :) . My personal favourite was the huge backdrop to the stage. Anyways, didn't have time to pause and admire anything after that.. work work work was all I did. Right from arranging food for the support team to raising curtain lengths to providing carpets to fighting for the loo arrangements (becoming legendary in INDEX circles for years to come :D). Went to the local police chowki to inform them... had to go to this whole new area called 'Naya Hyderabad' (in Lucknow :D). It is right behind a very important city road but still it was totally cut off! Was running with the tent wala to ascertain things were perfect. I remember dozing off and swaying even as I was standing :-p , but there was no way I could go and grab even 4 winks. And chilllllllllyyyyyy cold all through! Finally at around 6.30 am, I slipped into a razai in the ops tent and slept for an hour.

28th, day 1 of the fair, had finally arrived! And being an Ops guy is tough! Murphy's law invariably had to come true to mock at us. There was a power failure just as the fair was supposed to open. And there was apparently not enough diesel ! Spent the entire afternoon going with the electrician (which involved finding him out first!!) to get additional power points at multiple stalls. Without getting into specifics, let me just say there was a lot of running around for the rest of the day. One awesome sight which I had not been .. how do I put it.. exposed to before ;-) . Of course, things got better towards the end as I grew in power ;) and learnt to make phone calls and get the work done :D. The Sufi Nite event in the evening was pretty good! We would have liked more numbers, but can't complain! Ended the day bargaining with a local food stall vendor, more for the fun of it than for anything else :-p . Went back with Saurabh, first to GnB to grab a bite. Just couldn't feel my legs!! I somehow dragged myself to my room and was flat out sleeping probably even before I hit the bed.

Woke up on 29th and realised I had slightly overslept past the 7am target. A few calls later I realised same was the case with other first year Core members :D. Got dressed quickly and went to the ground. Things were pretty much in place though. The tent wala had even put carpets over some dusty areas as I had asked him to. Came back to college to deal with the small stomach upset I had :-p (which in itself was surprising considering my lunch comprised of oranges). Even getting work done was easier today as the labourers were all familiar with me and I didn't have to tell them things twice. Had another good set of events today. Saw the crowds grow up, especially towards late evening.

So that was INDEX'09 for me. Couldn't even watch the final few events as I was still.. yea.. running around..! Ordered pizzas for the support teams, which was only a small appreciation for all the hard work they had done! Jumped around a little over the last 2-3 songs being played by the Rock band. Got a few photos clicked. A couple of random videos (which I am yet to lay my hands on). Bumps for everyone!

And then my last bit of work for the day. Packing stuff, getting them loaded on the trucks and have them back to college. Leading the truck, then waiting for it to come into visibility, then realising the truck was far ahead (Riza should really be beaten up :-p) and then coming back to campus before the truck :D. Unloaded stuff. Spent some time in the INDEX room.

Finally pulled off INDEX '09 :)

Hip hip hurray!!

Day 151.5: 26-27 Nov, 2009 - Night out in the city !

So this is a special night you get to enjoy only if you are in INDEX Ops! :D As the last leg of publicity, we have a night out in the city where we just go around putting INDEX posters ALL over the city :D.

We had two vans, one headed by Riza and the other by myself to cover different spots in the city. As it turned out, the space in my van turned out to be a little insufficient to seat all the Ops support team members and the workers. So in that freezing cold, I took out my bike to ride in the city :D. Definitely armed myself well for the cold, multiple layers of clothing, including two pairs of gloves :P.

Went around sticking posters at a lot of places. We had to only cut down because we ran out of the glue. Were stopped by an inspector in between. Told him we were IIM students sticking poster for our fair. Worked like magic :D

Stayed out till around 4am sticking posters. From there, myself and Jayadutta went to this place where they put handouts inside newspapers. Waited there for sometime while the guys inserted/stuck our pamphlets on the newspapers. Pretty fast those people are, I must say!

And from the there back to my room. Time to hit my bed for a couple of hours. Lots of work left in the day. 1 day to go for INDEX! :D

Day 151: 26th Nov, 2009

Waiting . . .
Waiting . . .
Waiting . . .

This is exactly what I did for most part of the day today!

Now ... I am gifted with an incredible amount of patience, but I am not particularly fond of using it. Especially when the mistake is not mine!

So ... the day started with a visit to the Army Printing press to get some printouts for the INDEX entry tickets. Point is, I was supposed to collect half those tickets since I had to take them to the entertainment office for some stamping or something. So this fellow there was sent an email informing him about the same. But no, he didn't read the email and his man already started out on his journey to the college :-S . So there I was, WAITING at his office early in the morning, for the man to come back. And the promised 20min waiting time turned out to be a boring 45min! And NO, that one cup of watery tea did no good.

Next stop - a government office. No wonder all the officials there were bald... the place is so full of laziness that even the dead cells in your hair would not want to be pushed up above the scalp. I went up to that office and asked where I was supposed to get the permission from. First of all, no one, absolutely NO ONE, wanted to answer. Then I went to specific individuals, got diverted to a couple of other tables before finally reaching an individual who incidentally was right in front when I first asked my question in the room :-S .

Just a few permissions were what I needed after all. So now that I got the person, work should be simple right? HAHA! :-S . What happened next is reason enough for Riza to be bashed up black and blue. Apparently, one extra thing, a tiny detail, about the split up of entertainment tax, needed to be included in the ticket! And this we missed out! Bamm!

So there I was, out of the office, hunting for a person who makes stamps. As I went to new roads and areas I had no clue about (Aminabad or some similar sounding aabaad :-S ), I finally hunted down one shop doing this. And here came my second round of WAITING ! Well, atleast I had opted for the more expensive - but faster to make - stamps so that I can hurry back quickly and finish off the work soon. Or so I thought.

Part 3. I reach the office back around 1.15-1.30. Man in question missing. Out for lunch.
1.45 pm. No sign yet. he'll come back soon now.
2.00 pm. No sign yet. official hours must be over now. he'll come back soon I guess.
2.15 pm. No sign yet. why isn't he back yet?!
2.30 pm. The two officials next to him put stamps for some new people! When I asked them to do it for me, they replied saying they can't interfere with what some one else has started! why the $#^& is he not back yet?! kitna khaega?!!
2.45 pm. No sign of this person. I try to use some logical arguments to convince the neighbouring officials. They countered me with some illogical arguments. Trust me, it is damn difficult to fight those weapons. The remaining officials sat around discussing whether a bakri should be cut or not. WTF! What about me getting halaal-ed at that very moment?!
3.00 pm. I am going to shoot this man when I see him. Sudden realisation - Wait a minute, is he coming back at all?! :-O
3.15 pm. He finally comes back. Some festive lunch apparently somewhere! And he says - "aap abhi tak yahin ho? woh stamp kyun nahi lagaya abhi tak?" mujhe kya pata.. aakashvani aayi thi kya koi !!

So finally I get out of that place at close to 4'0 clock, eating a couple of bananas for lunch. And after lots and lots of WAITING.

Had a very heavy bag thanks to all the tickets. Went with that to a few local vendors and distributed our invites. Came back with a couple of hours to spare before dinner. I need rest. Have a night out in the city!

Day 150: 25th Nov, 2009

Went to check out this new kids play area with Shruti. Rather went there midway since Praveen had to go out on some urgent work. All the way to Gomti Nagar. Saw some new areas though :D , including a circus :D. Didn't get to see any animals though :-(

Thankfully I got my thermals yesterday. It gets a little chilly even with that, but then what would it be without that :-/

Slept off early today! No one called me up for the late night meeting, or maybe they tried and I didn't respond :D . Either way, the rest will serve me good - few VERY hectic days coming up!

Day 149: 24th Nov, 2009

Was super sleepy yesterday night as well. But had to urgently make another couple of designs. So dragged myself to spend yet another night at the CC. However, this time the sleep sacrifice was at a price.

What happened is that accidentally, while making the 2nd poster, I overwrote it at the location of the 1st poster with the same file name! :-( .. Fortunately I have a jpeg version stored, but still.. it leaves me without a psd. I hope no change comes up in that poster!

Went to the city alone today. Especially to get the flex prints for those designs. Did quite a bit of local spons work. Highlight however was my first encounter with the newest car on road ! And what a memorable encounter it was. I was going along at a usual speed and suddenly the vehicle in front of me puts on the brake. I do the same thing, but still my bike ends up kissing the rear of the car ahead. (mini GPL :-p) . As I look to see which vehicle, I realised it was nothing less than the TATA Nano ! Luckily, nothing major or even minor happened, damage wise.

Day 148: 23rd Nov, 2009

Post midterm we have this prof for MANAC 2. He is the proper character-sketch strict prof types. Always comes on time. Shuts the door. AND the worst part... asks questions to hapless students.

Now my seating in class is in a pretty noticeable position, due to which I NEVER put my nametag. But this guy, in a typically expected behaviour, forces us all to place our nametags on front. And immediately after that, catches me and asks me some fundu question on the case which 50% of the class hasn't read, and 90% of the remaining half hasn't bothered to solve! :S .. Anyways, I am taking refuge in my usual stoic and stony non expressive face mask.

Was super sleepy in class nonetheless. I don't even remember much of what happened. My kinda hangover :-p

Had to go to the city with Shruti. Some more work here and there. The awesome thing was that I was going on MY DISCOVER now! Yippeeee!!

Day 147: 22nd Nov, 2009

Sundays are really pointless if you don't get to just waste the entire day. So you can imagine how much more boring mine was considering I had to get up early morning, attend a class AND give a presentation. Well atleast the presentation went off fine, thanks to three team members being ex-employees of the same company which we were supposed to analyse ;-)

We had a 'European nite' celebration on campus, organised by the Stex (Student Exchange) committee. Different menu items such as garlic bread, pastas, salads were prepared. Was pretty nice actually! Don't understand why the bloody mess workers make crappy food on other days when they can very well bring out some better output :-S. Of course, there was also one ultra delicious cake, which only became infinitely more yummier as I got to share it with some others ;-) , evoking strong feelings of jealousy amongst some others :D

Had our first Ops support team meeting for the night. Just a small briefing on what they are supposed to do. These guys have some good (amount of :D) work coming up.

Day 146: 21st Nov, 2009

Went to BbC again, to get the written confirmation. Well actually the intention was to rake out money from him, but I guess that would have to wait another couple of days.

Spending the evening 'sleeping' was a complete 'sacrifice' of time ;-) :-p

Vinay called me and woke me up around midnight. CC again. Super duper sleepy. I would literally click something on the screen and then freeze into a stare as I had suddenly lost all ability to interact with the external environment. Then Vinay would shake me up and I would click on a couple things and then after 3-4 minutes.. same story again :-/

Got into a more awake-state sometime later (fortunately). Finally finished off with all PS and design work that we would require!

Tomorrow is Sunday, but no respite. I also have a DWO presentation tomorrow. Haven't read the case. Haven't seen the slides. But I am not very bothered about that. My only worry is that I should manage to wake up and be present on time tomorrow!

Day 145: 20th Nov, 2009

Went to BBC in record time. The watchman there is weird. He puts all visitors in a waiting area that resembles a jail-types enclosure and then says he does not have the authority to tell the owner that some visitors have come :-S . Luckily, did get to meet the person today finally. Finalised conditions. And saved Shruti's grade drop by bringing her back in record time (again!).

Finally gave my bike for servicing and repair! The castrol guy had come and he said the damaged silencer should be ok even with some welding. Came back to the room and slept a little during dinner time. (missing meetings!) Then again work through the night.

Sleep cycle is all haywire. Am not very sure of the timezone I am in :-p .

Day 144: 19th Nov, 2009

Finally I took a break from all the designing work to go to the city. My streak of professional bad luck in the afternoon time continued as the person whom we were supposed to meet wasn't there. Anyways, seized the opportunity to go to this shop and buy some woolens. Sweater, jacket and best of all black gloves for biking. Everytime I wear those gloves, I feel like the villain of some hindi movie who is out to murder someone :D

A little late into the evening and I realised what a blessing in disguise it was that the person couldn't meet us and I instead bought these winter clothes. It was as if Mr. Temperature suddenly realised there is something called gravity and fell like crazy. Brrrr! Sudden chill !

In the evening, we had a candlelight walk in remembrance of our alumnus - Manjunath. He had to pay with his life even as he continued to bravely walk on the path of honesty and integrity. No wonder he would remain one of the most cherished members of the IIM L family.

In relation to the above, I also happened to come on NDTV, live nationwide (somewhere in the background). However, I missed kesar doodh at the mess again! Luckily someone again didn't like it much and I got to drink a little :D

My nights have now been confined to the CC. Working on the poster today.. tonight.. !

Day 143: 18th Nov, 2009

Got to sleep late even yesterday. As a result missed MANAC for the second consecutive time! Can't afford to miss more of it now!

Stayed back on campus today again, this time for the poster work. Really really bad vaastu on 1st floor CC, unproductive afternoon again!

Anyways, today we gave a treat to INDEX seniors for our summer placements. Went to barbeque nation. As I said some days back, the place is awesome and so is the food! :D

The journey back was legendary. 00.30 hours and the chilling Lucknow cold - and I rode back on a bike WITHOUT wearing a sweater, jacket, sweatshirt or any of the likes (H). Ain't that something!

Reached campus at around 1am. I had had an overdose of photoshop over the past 2 days (and nights!) and therefore took a break today. Thought I'll go to my room and get some early sleep. But guess what.. downloaded GBs of new data - The Centurions, HIMYM, TBBT :D . Finally started off with some series on campus - HIMYM - 5 episodes straight before I slept off at around 4 :p

Day 142: 17th Nov, 2009

I couldn't go to the city today as I was stuck up with some designing work for the INDEX'09 t-shirt. Nothing very productive came out unfortunately!

And the side effect of being on campus was that I was constantly being bombarded with requests to send mails here and there!

Slept a little in the evening in anticipation of the long night ahead :-p . Sat down again with Naveen and Vinay in the CC for work. This time went to the HEC lab on the ground floor. Better vastu there, got a new idea and executed it pretty quickly as well ! I liked this one... hoping it will be well-received :)

Day 141: 16th Nov, 2009

Slept super late yesterday, doing INDEX work. Consequently missed the first lecture of the second part of the semester. (MANAC 2 - Vipul).

Lot of INDEX work through the rest of the day. Ops took a lot of time for me (tracing LIU @ Jawahar Bhavan) and Riza. Hence couldn't manage to go to colleges. Lots and lots of walking. I really envy Riza though on his ability to sleep anywhere - the ass slept off even when I was standing and taking some printouts!

Today's meeting @ 11 was followed by some refinement work on the sweatshirt through the night. The funny part was when Naveen was trying to come up with something 'brick by brick' (literally!!) with some 42 layers and 3 hours and I did it in some 30 seconds :-p

Almost 6 even today. Hope I don't miss the first lec tomorrow as well !

Day 140: 15th Nov, 2009

Woo-hoo! After one and a half terms, finally I managed to finish solving one problem completely in MANAC. I mean, I am not even sure if it is right, but first time that I even managed to reach some end. (The fact that the question was straight out of a book definitely helped :-p ).

Immediately after midsems started with INDEX work. Left to the city immediately to take permission from the fire department. Saala the work got delayed by a day there. Will need to go again tomorrow.

Evening was very very free. Saw Blood Diamond (had been wanting to see that one since ages!). Pretty hard hitting movie. And some good acting.

Had a meeting @ 11. Realised the colossal amount of work lying ahead. Got to forget sleep for the next few days :-| . Starting ... NOW !

Day 139: 14th Nov, 2009

What a paper DWO was. It is already such a globe subject and the questions only amplified this nature of it. All about setting yourself some 5-6 arbitary keywords and reusing them again and again and again. Squeezed more out of those words than what a sugarcane machine can squeeze out of one sugarcane.

'My friend's' paper tomorrow - MANAC. MANAC 2 is such a wrong subject to be the last paper :-S. Even less mood to study. Played TT after lunch. Then slept. Then blogged. Finally took my books and went to Saurabh's room to study.

The highlight of course was when myself and Shreyas were studying in the mess. And then Shreyas the bond was explaining a whole group on how to solve a particular sum :-p . Sometimes, sum times change :-p

Day 138: 13th Nov, 2009

My sleep saga has no end. This phenomenon of unforced extra sleep is a sure fixture in atleast one paper. This time the opportunity cost involved eco. Slept off at 11pm and woke up straight at around 8.15am :-O . Thankfully for me, the respite was that it was one of the easier papers we saw this term. Not just in relative terms (which wasn't too difficult to achieve given the other papers) but also in absolute terms. Post exam analysis revealed that the ENTIRE paper was an EXACT COPY of last year's paper :-S . And then he cuts our marks for copying in assignments :-)

First time this semester that we spent time doing random tp. Afterall, DWO tomorrow. Although it has maximum syllabus, the very thought of going in its vicinity is sleep provoking :-S . We were treated to enlightening facts about RBI and Air India by Pills. The 'proud-of-being-an-AirIndia-frequent flyer' literally has the timetable of AI flights by heart :D . Not to undermine Riza's stories about Bangalore's uncovered under-bridges and the plight of the people when a train passes above :-p

Played some TT post dinner. Although at best an average player, I do take TT a little seriously in a weird sort of way when it comes to improving myself. My game has improved a little. Very little though. Lots more to achieve in terms of reduction of unforced errors.

Came to my room and finally was about to start studying when Dhamdhere called me to the mess. There I go again. DWO... so long...

Day 137: 12th Nov, 2009

I don't think the profs are setting papers for this mid-semester (trimester?). The script seems to be right out of a Quentin Tarantino movie! Bloody and gory, leaving behind a lot of dead bodies!

Had I even had an inkling of the type of FM paper that was to come, I so would not have put up the struggle(!!) I did yesterday. A random 100 mark paper, with 50 marks on a case! :-S . And the two formulae I learnt at the remedials didn't come at all :-( . And all this for a half-credit course! :-S Not even a chance to make up in the end terms (NOT complaining :D).

Economics tomorrow. Have kind of started going through the slides. Seems to make more sense than Eco-1. And has far fewer graphs :) :)

Day 136: 11th Nov, 2009

Had QAM today. The surprising thing was no one in my class knew the answer/approach to a few problems that were given in the class worksheet! :-| . The question paper was disappointing - one question on F-distribution and six marks worth of theory!! I guess the QAM dream run comes to an end here.

Had pizza for dinner. Am having too many pizzas lately :-| But this one was free as I am going to bill it as a part of Saurabh's Mckinsey party ;-)

The after effects of this heavy cheesy dinner was more daunting. Went to attend the FM remedials. I think I set a record of being the first person to sleep during remedials :-( . Nothing entered my head, except some silly equation to determine optimum cash balance. Went to the mess to study so that I have access to a continuous stream of tea. Even that wasn't helping much. I could probably have poured the hot tea on my head and still fallen asleep :-|

Luckily the yellow spectacled Fin God came along and took me to his study circle @ Aarti's room. That time turned out to be more productive and I finally managed to grasp a few concepts. I just hope the time value of knowledge does not depreciate before the next few hours :-)

Day 135: 10th Nov, 2009

Midsems started. Many firsts;

- First time we have 2 papers in a day here
- First time we have an open book exam

And to top it all,
- First time I went to an exam without opening the book even once :D

It was humanly quite impossible to read through both the subjects. And I thought reading MM superficially wasn't going to help. Don't think I was too wrong in my thinking - we had only one case to be analysed, for 25 whole marks! Opened the textbook directly in the class. Went straight to a couple of frameworks/diagrams and fit whatever I could in those boxes. Lets see how successful this method is.

OM was all about revenge. Revenge for all the sleep. Revenge for all the inattentiveness. Revenge because the sun rises in the east; make your own reason. Random cases demanding random analysis. My favourite part in the paper was when I managed to work out a formula for a particular term (takt time!) after looking at the data given in the next question :D

Day 134: 9th Nov, 2009

Came to know only in class that Soumen has also got placed. That completes the quota for our bench. Time to redeem the party promise. Souvick, being the first one placed, gave a pizza treat! (For now I have paid for it though :-p). The pizza was surprisingly hot, and the cheese was still dripping :D

And who would think mid sems are starting tomorrow. No wonder seniors are so chilled about their exams. It's just term 2 and we have stopped bothering. But I don't think it's time to opine yet. This maggu batch won't give up without a fight. Lets wait and watch! 2 papers tomorrow - MM & OM. Got to buy a new pen... on second thoughts... I don't think I'll run out of ink in the near future :p

Day 133: 8th Nov, 2009

Went for some local spons work with Shruti. Could go only after ages, thanks to my forced sabbatical. The good thing was that we did get some success :) . Beginner's luck eh :-p .. comeback types :D

After 4 months on campus, I finally figured out another alternative for food. We have this person who supplies South Indian food. Saurabh and myself ordered dosas and idli for dinner... was pretty nice. Good option when in need for a change.

My cellphone has completely conked off now. Can't even hear through the handsfree. Surviving (not that I can't live without one, but still) on a borrowed piece from Shreyas.

Vinay and Naveen had come for some work. Unfortunately happened to be one of those times when I am so dead sleepy that I just can't comprehend what is going around :-| ... I told them I would sleep awhile and resume work later, but mercifully they let me sleep on :D

Day 132: 7th Nov, 2009

So back on the work track. Had an OM quiz in the evening. Squeezed in the time after class to do some INDEX work. Dealing with name changes as well ! How was I to know Mahanagar Boys school was now Montfort school ... ? Came to the same place thrice asking for directions when finally someone told me this particular fact !

Me, (PCOM - kaju) and Sud went to watch Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani. Every movie I go these days seems to set a new record, albeit negative. The first time I ever walked out in the interval itself! :-| And that wasn't even the worst part... there were people in the theatre who were actually laughing! :-O .. I mean... How could they!?!?! It is high time we have some quality control committee for movies!! Actually one more thing that probably is happening is that these old directors are trying to package their previous work in a contemporary situation, but they are miserable failing to understand this mindset. Mujhe kya... mera paisa vasool nahi ho raha hai !

The point of solace was that we couldn't get the 9pm tickets so went for a 10.30 show. Went to Barbecue Nation for dinner. That was a really nice place! Infact the best place I have been to in Lucknow I would say. Had some nice food (good choice for veggies too :-p) and lots of desserts :D

Day 131: 6th Nov, 2009

Pretty interesting day today!

Got our 1st term CGs. Have done better than what I thought I would. But yea, a little bit of a maggu batch this one... CG level seems to have gone up overall as well. And my section has gone bonkers - four 9-pointers; howzzat ! INDEX seniors are massively disappointed :-p .. Shruti is the big thing disguised as a small package, scoring a 9-pointer! I think it might be a first in INDEX ever :D

Had the 3rd interview today. Another round of HR questions. I really like the fact that they are serious about evaluating their candidates. But yea, it would be a little silly to not get through after the 3rd round interview.

Slowly people are recollecting the harsh truth called exams. Went for the MANAC remedials late evening. In the midst of the lecture, got to know from Shreyas' SMS that I got through Quetzal ! Awesome!! Summers over for me, finally! I guess this marks another qualitative landmark of the IIM L stay -

Went to the INDEX room. Bloody I got bumps again! Got started with all the pending INDEX work :)

Day 130: 5th Nov, 2009

Boring boring classes have started again. We got our OM prof to postpone the quiz. The real fun was when the prof came back after all the lectures had ended and told us that the quiz cannot be postponed :-| ... this at 2.30 pm for the quiz scheduled at 4.30 :-| ... fortunately we managed to convince the prof that it is impossible to inform everyone of the revised schedule and they might miss the quiz. Negotiation of evasion successful.

Had an interview for this startup founded by 4 IIM A alumni. (Have heard of it before from a friend here who has worked there and also because half the founders are from my engineering college.) Anyways, the interview was nice in the sense that they were keen on delving into every answer. Got through to the 2nd round. That was conducted by another founder. It is actually nice to see that people are genuinely interested in evaluating you. Got through this to the 3rd round.. that's scheduled for tomorrow.. lets see how this one works out.

More than anything else, I need to get through so that I can focus on INDEX work too. Saala am tied down to being inside campus!

Day 129: 4th Nov, 2009

Finally finished off with Rocky series! And what a place to finish it off.. the Reliance VideoConf webworld @ the city! The main advantage was that I got a chance to finally have a coffee from CCD @ Lucknow.

Normalcy is settling in. People have started wondering about the state and fate of quizzes, assignments and all. Regular classes from tomorrow! Boo hoo! :(

Slept off early. Apparently the batch meet had a billion forced claps churned out. Clap for this and clap for that. Pretty random.

Woke up at around 3 am. Wasn't sleepy. Went for a cup of coffee. Was real nice of this pretty dame to give me company. Makes me laugh when I think about my initial attempts about building up the 'other CV' :D

ps: pitstops for the day - insurance, heathcare IT conultancy

Day 128: 3rd Nov, 2009

Saw lots more of Rocky today. That's turning out to be one nice series.

Seems like I am destined for extended shortlists. Generally made a better impact here. Progressed to step 2 this time around. And then, stopped.

The air around is now chilly with emotion. You can sense it when you speak to people. The cold is biting. Honestly speaking, my feelings of disappointment are way too temporary and transient. I think I am just plain lucky. Well a little ironical in the current context but true in a more long term sense.

And as the roller coaster comes down, each of us will have little memories of this little ride.
-The random surprises! I mean, you just can't help but go 'W-T-F' when you see their names present and yours absent.
-The shortlist bonanza for some, adding to theirs (and others') agony.
-The GD crashers :D. Apparently one of the girls got so aggressive during her GD, she just waved her pen around so hard that it suddenly slipped out of her hand. And the guy in front had to duck to avoid the lethal assault weapon making a hole in his head. Guess someone needs to remind her that the pen is mightier than the sword, NOT word. And then again there was this guy who got so aggressive with his hand gestures that by mistake he kind of slapped his neighbour :D

Ah, well ... now for tomorrow ...

Day 127: 2nd Nov, 2009

Three step 1s. No step 2.
Step 1. Just another Jump.
Step 1 again. Didn't fly out of le nest.
Step 1 number 3. Decent Attempt. Buried. Un-understandable Reasons!

Started watching Rocky series 2 days back. Couldn't make much progress there either!

Day 126: 1st Nov, 2009

Guru Nanak Jayanti today. So everyone decides to take an off. So shall we then. Slept the entire day. 11pm - 7pm.

Had a batch meet where we were addressed to by professors Ajay Garg and Himanshu Rai. Just a pep talk session. The touch about Sharat's dirty shoes was funny :D