Day 271: 1st Apr, 2010

My last post from this room :)

Bye room.
Bye blog (for 2 months).

Day 270: 31st Mar, 2010 - 50% MBA :)

The days were long 
Yet so short seems the year 
The first day memory so fresh 
Yet the last day is here. 

It's time to sit back  
Let out a small sigh 
And to one super fantastic year 
It's time to bid goodbye.

What a great last day of the term! Too many interesting things. Since I am in the exam-mode, let me list them out point-wise.

  • Almost made to wait outside the exam hall for 30min, as I had to walk into the washroom which cost me a precious 10 seconds. Fortunately, we were allowed to get in.
  • As I said, I almost pulled off a night-out. Still allowed myself sleep for around an hour in the morning. Drank the red bull on my run to the PGP block. (I should have drunk it 5 min earlier no? May be I could have flown to the PGP block then :-p)
  • Super short paper. The first part - true/false - was completed pretty quickly by me (speed and accuracy being unrelated). There were 6 more questions to be answered - writing single side answers for each of them would probably let me come out of the exam hall first - and that was the target I set for myself. As I was in my last answer, Shantanu got up and left the exam hall first, making me extremely jealous. I quickly completed my answer, and left the 3 hour paper in 1hr,5min - my personal best :D . Guess the Red Bull wasn't really needed :-p
  • Was going with Shreyas to Brij ki Rasoi. Just as I was admiring the digital tachometer of the Pulsar, especially the part which indicated petrol by showing a small fuel-station symbol next to line. And then suddenly the bike stopped. And that is when I realised I wasn't actually reading the symbol correctly! No petrol.. and the bike was already running on reserve. Got a local fellow to give me a ride to the petrol pump and back.
  • Many (temporary) farewells - Dixit, Tarun, Saurabh, Ashish, Shruti, Komal, Shreyas and quite a few more ... Truly temporary as I would probably bump into quite a few people during my internship! (Almost half the junta is headed to Bombay :D)
  • Went to C2C with Ghate, Sud and AdiJ. It was a really nice place - am quite surprised how I have never been there in my one year of stay!
  • Had Walls' Feast icecream after ages from a roadside Walls' fellow.
  • Went to the terrace of the PGP block! The campus is SO beautiful.
Went to the INDEX room to collect the RSC docs left by Riza and ..well, just for the heck of it. Back to my room - my last night here...

Am a 50% MBA now :) Wow!

Day 269: 30th Mar, 2010

Wrote a loooooong MIS paper today. Must admit it was an interesting open book exam; you had to do your bit of work to get the answer required.

Since most of INDEX core is leaving early tomorrow, we had a pizza session in the INDEX room. Finally got Vanki (or rather Saurabh :-p) to come out with the little secret :D

Last paper tomorrow - HRM. It must suffer being the casualty that the last paper turns out to be. Even more so considering it is the last paper of PGP1! Am not studying anything at all! Even went to the mess twice - once for celebrating Venkkatessan's and Bugger's birthdays (badly beaten!) and then once again to meet Dhamdhere and Maanas. It's now almost 4 and I have kinda yet to start. Am going to pull an all-nighter today (rather tonight). Have invested in a Red Bull to keep me awake through the paper tomorrow :D