Day 125: 31st Oct, 2009

Had lots of time even today. Started the elite card players club alongwith Vasant Tiwari. Learnt a new game - 'satti center'!

Inaugurated my account with the extended list. Turned out to be nothing more than a farce.. :-S . I did give an interesting introduction of myself though :-p. Fraud tam + name + moustache! (H)

Day 124: 30th Oct, 2009

Very very slow day (.five) for me. Probably amongst my slowest days at IIM L. The slowness was especially accentuated by others' busy-ness.

Went to the temple in the evening. Mainly 'cos it's my mom's birthday. (Happy b'day mom! :) You are the best!!). Walked around the campus with Shreyas and Soumen. I don't know how the topic came up but quite a lot of talk on the Mahabharata/Ramayana/Hanuman. Shreyas saala always seems to have some conspiracy theory on weird topics :D. Also interesting was the image makeovers we spoke about for certain people :-p

BTW, my wing mate Bellam is all charged up/trying to charge himself up. He keeps singing(??) this one line from the lakshya title song "haan yehi rasta hai tera" in a high pitch, high volume effect, every 5 minutes. Somehow, he doesn't seem to know or bother to know the second line because that part keeps changing with every shout :-p

Day 123: 29th Oct, 2009

The classroom was real empty today. All the top guns of the class had gone to take a shot at their top guns.

Anyways, the consequent drop in average population (due to the absence of above average people) resulted in an exponential drop in class participation. People like me became hapless victims to the phenomenon. Me was asked questions in the eco lecture. Twice!

Really nothing much to do during the day. Had a batch meet at night for which Shreyas and myself were to postpone dinner. Until the futility of the occasion for us struck.

Some smiles. Some stoic. Some dejects. The roller coaster sets in motion... When will I get the chance to sit on it?

Day 122: 28th Oct, 2009

So thankfully we had a 2 out of 3 lecs getting cancelled today morning. Made use of the time to study a bit for the FM quiz in the noon. Had lunch and went back to my room. Took a small nap. And here comes the pain, the small nap became a long slumber... and I missed the quizzzZZzzz...!

Day 121: 27th Oct, 2009

Taking a pause for a moment and looking back, a lot of things that took a lot of real estate on this blog in the previous term have now become so much of a routine that I don't even realise it. The quizzes, the activities, the fight for breakfast, etc still very much happen.

What pushed me in this small flashback mode was the QAM quiz we had today. Now QAM was the one subject in which I did pretty well in the previous term. But I remember exactly that my initial thoughts on my QAM performance were quite scary. Anyways, off to a similar start even this time. Not much clue of what is happening. Studied for 2 hours before the test. Did decently well I guess.

Had an all important thing to do today. Needed to decide somethings. Which might finally decide where I would end up. Hit a century in my list :D

Day 120: 26th Oct, 2009

Had these two HR forms to fill today. And guess what - they were totally different from any of the HR forms I had filled in earlier!! Quite a few people didn't apply for one of them on 'moral grounds'. I am not complaining :D

Am making frequent trips to the library now. Not that I have started studying early, just that we still don't have the net! And it's quite a pain walking through the chilly cold at night.

Speaking of which, the winter fashion has struck. The haute couture consists of sweatshirts, sweaters, hooded jackets, etc etc. Much to the awe of some people, I am still roaming around in the usual t-shirt and denims combi. Partly because I am psychologically preparing myself for more chilly days ahead, partly because I don't have winter clothes and mainly because I have so far been able to bear it :-p.

Day 119: 25th Oct, 2009

It was not just another Sunday. Today we hosted Samvit'09 where we had corporate stalwarts discussing on the issue 'Emerging pillar of the new Indian economy'. The distinguished speakers were:
- Kalpana Morparia - CEO J P Morgan
- Pramod Bhasin - CEO Genpact and Chairman NASSCOM
- Ajit Balakrishnan - Founder and CEO
- Sandeep Pandey - Ramon Magsaysay award winner, 2002
- Meera Sanyal - CEO ABN Amro
- Biswadip Mitra - President and MD, Texas Instruments India
Was nice hearing from such achievers from such close quarters. One of those things that could happen only and only because of brand IIM !

Went to the city for local sponsorship. Boy, it is so tough to make people part with money!

Came back and immediately into filling one more form! :-S .. The questions are similar, but still not the same! And always they take so much time! I filled the last part of the form almost with my eyes closed. Infact, for one of the questions, I wrote 2 completely contrasting answers and just chose the one which was longer :D

Also had the insti party tonight. Very bad timing for the insti party... hardly any PGP1s attended it thanks to the otherwise infinite items pending on each one's list.

Day 118: 24th Oct, 2009

Had free time in the afternoon today. So gave a pizza lunch party as my birthday treat. Sud went one step beyond Soumen's birthday treat; she didn't even get that aloo paratha this time, courtesy her great phone which remained perennially out of contact.

Talking of communication failure, a major breakdown has happened to the internet facility to hostels 1-8. Seems like some major fibre optic cable has broken down during some construction work. And it is times like these when we are reminded that IIMs are government institutions - it is going to take 4 days for the thing to get repaired :(

Day 117: 23rd Oct, 2009

M v/s M. Sir was explaining one problem on some costing method when our Mr. Hansraj M. asks "Sir, why don't we calculate this on a monthly basis?" The boy sure had to pay his price for this. Came the reply, "if you think it is a better method, why didn't you get the answer?" :-|

Another interesting never-before thing happened today. PK sat down to have lunch with us! (And that's a hattrick as far as a mention on this blog is concerned :P)

Went to the police station to get some permission. And as I say, it is only when you step outside that you realise the value the college has. We were actually received warmly even in such power-oriented places.

Went to Saharaganj from there. Finally I was able to cross off some items from my ever growing list of things to do. Well not things like scaling the Everest and all, but I started off with buying some dry fruits and stuff. And of course some air-tight and more importantly ant-tight containers.

PS: The tents outside the PGP blocks are coming up. The tension has not come up. Yet.

Day 116: 22nd Oct, 2009

I have a serious doubt about some biology fundamentals. I have a strong suspicion that females have a 47th gene - for sincerity! What else can explain the general sincerity with which girls study and come? Today for eg. we had an oral quiz in DWO. The queen of this game, Preeti, just went on and on and on. The girl just doesn't have a stop button :D. Next was where we had to get data on some recent M&As. Again, Madhavi and Jinal went on a rampage. I just don't understand how they motivate themselves to study such subjects in so much detail! But the most important point of the day - PK called me "*andu" :D . Hehehe.

Again slept off at around 10.30! I must be the subject of envy amongst people here. But bloody had to wake up in between, and that too 'coz that ass Bellam didn't write his birth date on one form! :-X

Day 115: 21st Oct, 2009

Got a feel of being an Ops guy today. Had classes till 1.30 and then a quiz at 4.30. Squeezed in a visit to the city in the small time gap. Of course, the inspiration was my senior Ops INDEXian Praveen, who had a midterm in the evening! BTW, I rode Praveen's bike today and it has become much much better since before (click here for earlier post) after the much needed servicing.

About the quiz. Subject was FM (financial management) and the topic was 'Risk and Return'. Basically the topic was all about how diversification in your portfolio helps to reduce risk. And here comes the extreme irony. The quiz paper had ONLY ONE question in it! How the helL are we supposed to reduce our risk in this case?! **confused shrug**

One of those nice lucky evenings when we had no forms to fill. Myself, Shreyas, Soumen and Preeti spent a good amount of time doing random bakwas over chai.

Day 114: 20th Oct, 2009

Have been incredibly sleepy these days. And even more so today.

Slept off at around 1.30-2 yesterday. Had a mighty hard time trying to wake up. Went to the class. Slept. Came back to my room post lectures. Slept for another good3 hours. Did some INDEX work. Slept off again at 10.30 pm itself! :D . Bliz.

Day 113: 19th Oct, 2009

Birthday BASH(ing) !

I am really happy to be writing this post... not so much 'coz its my birthday... but for the fact that I am still alive.

As noted earlier, birthdays are the most dreaded days in IIM L. In my opinion, people would be less frightened about summers than about their birthdays. Then again, for people of slim built like me, who are not blessed with much flesh on their behind, the situation is more dangerous.

The masterplan:
To avoid the brutality, yours truly did a 'smart' thing. I changed my birthdate on the local intranet site as well as orkut. No one would know my birthday at all. ** evil grin **

The flaw:
I always knew I was a little too old for facebook. Silly me never checked whether my birthday is showing on facebook or not. A casual remark from a friend 2 days back brought it to my notice. I immediately went online and made the change... but... the damage was done!

The realisation:
INDEX people had already come to know. One bashing assured. Gaurav - my friend 2 room away - remembered. Immediate notification to the hostel representative, who promptly sent a mail to the hostel. In the meanwhile, my pcom buddies confirmed the new found data from their own sources which included a call to a common friend, form checking and a hoax call as well!

The cat was out of the bag. I had tried to perpetrate a fraud. At midnight, blood would flow.

The punishment: Celebration :)
First stop was the INDEX room. Shankar and Riza went berserk. Was lifted THRICE... one normal, one more when Tarun came late and one more time when Shruti came! Saala late wohlog aaya and laat mei khaya. And that ass Riza just didn't let even one chance go waste! Then the bday song and the cake smear.

Next stop was the battlefield... the mess entrance. Boy o boy, the entire army was waiting. Started off with a jug of cold water splashed on me! (remember its already super cold here!) Followed by a 500ml bottle of pepsi. Followed by 2 more freezing cold bottles of pepsi, half a bottle dedicated to my shorts. Then the kicks. Oh my God, it started off with Kachhara's high intensity right footer, I was half dead there itself. Then Deepak Venkatramani. Then Chajju. Once the specialists had done the initial ground work, I became a free-for-all football. Kicks and kicks and more kicks. I actually asked for a break in between :-p . And then got some more kicks.

Of course, pepsi was only the starting point. Next came the rest of the decoration. In no specific order, the items used:
- Eggs! ... saala dharam bhrasht kar diya!
- Sauce ... eggs + sauce = yukkkkkkkkkk smell
- Then the cake cutting. Got the customary two cakes. The bday song, and bam, Shantanu puts the whole birthday cake on my face. The remaining cream all over my t-shirt and back :D
- And then, as I stood there, the bonanza.
garam garam chai ... courtesy Preeti!

I don't think the combined odour of the entire non-bathing population would have been even 0.01 percent of the weird disgusting smell that I emanated :D

The thank-you s :
Must say, my friends did an awesome job at getting everything ready. I was of course quite silly in what I did :-p , but they all were super sportive to have turned up at such short notice! Great job from Mahesh and Dham'dhoom'dhere about the cake jugaad! Thanks guys!
And of course, the best part of all this was that I could wear the new shirt that I had bought, without worrying on how to suppress any feeling of suspicion :D

Got a greeting card from home. Some nice words from my sister and mom and dad :) . Spoke to friends during the day. Had one part of the bi-annual chat with some friends. (once on my bday, once on theirs :p ). And some others took refuge in the 'bad network' excuse :p

All in all, birthdays rock!

Day 112: 18th Oct, 2009

I set a new benchmark today - woke up at 6.30 am on a lazy Sunday! No particular reason as such.. just woke up then and managed to stay awake.

Forgot to mention this funny thing that happened yesterday. RK woke up at 9.43 and rushed to make it to the 9.45 class. Only to find the door locked :D . That was when he realised it was Diwali! Also, the back part of my bike silencer just fell off :-| .. no clue how!

Sorry for the sudden flashback. Must be the BLUE after effect. Spent all the afternoon and evening with the form filling. The first ComPany required us to give an online test. Man! every question gave an infinitesimally small 45 sec to get the solution. Somehow wrote something. This was followed by another form where I had to condense answers. Boy! That's some task! It took me more than an hour to just shorten one answer to fit 500 characters! And 3 more such Qs to go..!

Of course, none of this meant a compromise on the weekend. So ordered pizzas for dinner. Entertainment in the corridors of power ;-)

Day 111: 17th Oct, 2009

Disclaimer: Nelson's number today. But don't think this post was made with me standing on one leg :-p

Firstly, a very Happy Diwali to all the readers of this blog! :)

Traditionally, at my home, Diwali would always start with all of us getting up early and taking an oil bath. And a customary smear of oil would first be applied by my grandmom. Hence, it was only befitting that my day began with a call from my grandmom early in the morning :)

Mithun Chakravarthy started dancing in the jungle. However, the initial velocity of a body thrown down is zero. At the end, Obama's foreign policy is quite unclear. If you could make any sense of the above three sentences, then you must watch BLUE. Unrelated scenes pop up after each other. And there is a mind blowing climax as well. Btw, even if you didn't make sense of the above sentences, you have a reason to watch BLUE. Only and only for Lara Dutta. Diwali phataka man! She is SO hot in the movie that half the water in the ocean evaporated.

Diwali came truly alive in the evening. The hostels were decorated with lights. All hostels had a Rangoli in front. Lots of diyas everywhere ! The entrance to the mess had so many diyas. The festival of lights in its full glory! We had a Puja in the mess and this was followed by a super-duper display of fireworks! :) :) ... Super stuff!

Day 110: 16th Oct, 2009

Today a path breaking phenomenon happened! The scene: MANAC 2 lecture. Against all natural inclination, I actually put my hand up and asked a doubt. To the great Mr. Mishra himself. And the return comment "it's good to see that people are taking interest in my course and asking difficult questions." :D

The mood on campus is all happy happy. Everyone's gtalk/facebook status is now 'Happy Diwali'. And the smiles are just bouncing off each other.

Some of us INDEX people went out for dinner to this place 'Chotte Nawab'. If you ever go there, you must try the paneer malai seekh starter... it's yum! We came back and went to the mess to have some tea. Vigi was still in the stud mode with jacket open, white t-shirt and a glass (of tea) in his hand. Suddenly Praveen pushed a helmet right on to Vigi and transformed his t-shirt into a TEA-shirt (credit to Swetha for the term) :D .. am not going to risk writing Vigi's reaction. He might just hack this blog and destroy it or worst case perhaps may he might hack me itself :p

Day 109: 15th Oct, 2009

The weather is now in focus. It has turned a little chilly here. But seniors love to say this is hardly anything in front of the freeze-to-death temperature that it will reach. I figure I might have to use more layers of clothing than the number of layers on my photoshop endeavours :-p. Will go to the city and stock up on some essentials this weekend !

One side effect of this phenomenon is the tendency to sleep. Everyone's average sleep has risen. And not just in classrooms but even outside.

Slept off at 10.30 yesterday. Thanks to that, I was allocated a ppt which coincidentally directly clashed with my postponed quiz. Obviously I couldn't go there. Which led to massive confusion. Luckily my ppt group has Saurabh Mishra. Awesome cooperative fellow. Poor guy finished his class at 1.45, ran to his room to change into formals and ran back for the ppt without having lunch. Awesome man, respect!

The beauty of Diwali has set in. Our mess and the nearby hostels have been beautifully done up with lights and stuff. It's looking really nice!

Day 108: 14th Oct, 2009

In our MM class (did I say MM stands for Marketing Management?), an interesting thing happened... I don't think anyone even took note of it, but it thought it was a worth a mention here... something I would like to remember...

The discussion in our MM class was about Bajaj Automobile. The discussion steered towards whether Bajaj should extend their reach by exporting... exporting to 'third world countries' like so and so. Now the point here is, just a few years back, India would also have been a part of those 'third world countries'. But when some of the best brains in the country are so confident that we have now marched ahead of that phase, I believe there is just no stopping us :)

We were to have 3 quizzes (2 announced and 1 known surprise) today. The announced OM quiz got postponed. The other two happened - no one knew what happened in them though.

Day 107: 13th Oct, 2009

Work really expands to fill all time available. I had to think for just 3 questions for one marketing biggie's HR form and it took up my entire day! INDEX party got cancelled in the process.

Celebrated Kaushik's birthday in the mess. The popular guy that he is, he had 3 groups (INDEX team, section, committee) to celebrate. Our section had got 2 cakes (yea, this time we also got one for eating). He cut one cake and we finished singing the standard song and he was in the middle of saying something when Shantanu slams the entire cake onto his face :D

Day 106: 12th Oct, 2009

Yesterday night the entire batch was suddenly presented with a new DI problem with the sudden population of the e-notice board. Some of the groups solved it (including ours). Others just didn't have enough resources.

Anyways, on to more mundane things. Used the day to create a poem. You can read the poem at this link. Took a span of three lecs - eco, MM and DWO. Mainly because MM and DWO were distracting because of CPC with Pandhi going over the top to incorporate 'alternating current' in the session.

Soumen dada is in mohabbatein mode with his sweater and all. Considering the placement season buzz of PPOs and PPIs, we are happy to introduce a PPA on our bench. PPA - Parampara Pratishtha Anushasan :D . We also have plans to introduce awards under his name. Soumen Das scholarship: for display of high academic consistency, i.e. people getting 4 CG throughout.

Day 105: 11th Oct, 2009

Today was a fun day. iBrand stalls were a massive hit. Nice innovative games were put up by the teams and they showed a lot of enthusiasm. Nice use of the video slots as well, with quite a few teams coming up with pretty creative videos! Not to forget the glam quotient in all the promotions :D.

Had Soumen's pizza treat in the evening. Sud came in late thanks to the brilliant network we have here. Devil-ishly speaking, was kind of convenient considering there was only 1 veg pizza and 3 vegetarians :-p. She had to make do with paratha instead :D.

Day 104: 10th Oct, 2009

Spent a lot of time yesterday with the preparation of slots and all. Bloody thermocol just wouldn't stick to the wall. Anyways, finally got them in some place. iBrand'09 kicked off today! Some a few really creative posters and stuff.

Had extra lecs today- Saturday. One of the guys in our class - Karthik - started getting delusions that he was in the 1st year of school instead of B-school. No wonder, when the prof asked the class how we would write 'covariance', this guy loudly starts off with " 'C' ... 'O' ... 'V' ... ".

Had a huge TASk today. Biggggg form to be filled. It took unexpected amount of time to jot things down on the paper from the laptop. And I was also indulging in runtime improvements to the answers. Managed to submit it just on time.

Had a mock interview taken by an alum. I went dressed in formals and all. I basically wanted to get some idea of the questions I can expect. The fact that what happens eventually is something you never anticipate is a different issue. Anyways, one slightly funny and typically 'me' thing that happened:
Alum: So tell me, what are the major changing trends in consumers now?
Me: Blah blah .. population demographics are changing .. lots of youth ..
Alum: Oh, what do you mean by youth?
Me: Young people :D
Alum: Young as in? Any age group?
Me: Sir, maybe around 20-40 (so that he doesn't feel bad :p)
Alum: Is that the technical definition?
Me: (ok, a technical definition exists for youth) .. no Sir, my definition :D

Days 101,102,103: 7th-9th Oct, 2009


Would still be a massive understatement to describe the current state of affairs. Overload of activities in the last 3 days.

Lots of iBrand work. Lots of HR form work. Lot more iBrand work. Crores of ppts to attend. iBrand work. Lectures (sleep!).

Went to the city for 2 consecutive days for the flex thing. Second visit involving a flat tire and of course the glass coated manja! The banner came out nice and big though :D. Paid the price though :-p . Two fines in the same day. For ppt and then late submission. Almost all of INDEX paid the late submission fine. Me followed by Tarun followed by Shruti followed by Vanki followed by Saurabh :-p.

Day 100: 6th Oct, 2009

A nice new timetable is effective from today. The previous TT was weird, we had lectures from 8.30 and then some random gap at around 11.00 between 2 lectures. From today the morning lecture has been squeezed in that gap. So our lectures start only at 9.45 :D . Yippeee!

It started raining yesterday late at night. But surprisingly it was still raining even in the morning. Even more surprisingly, it rained harder and harder and eventually IIM L campus got a couple of artificial lakes - one outside Fauji and one outside the Nescafe area. Couldn't see the ground below at all :-O

Anyways, today calls for a toast. 100 days in helL, a century! And still alive and kicking!

Day 99: 5th Oct, 2009

Even with all that exertion, my in-built alarm managed to wake me up at 7.30. However, I wasted time trying to coax myself out of the bed. Finally I was rushing to the mess at 7.55 to grab a quick bite before the 8am lec when I see a Kiran Kumar of my class standing and trying to capture something with his mobile cam. Going there I realised it was snake that he was shooting - a tiny one crawling along the very path from which I was to walk :-p. Finally I got to see a snake on campus!

The late sleeping took its toll during the lecs. Had to keep my eyelids wide awake during MANAC 2 by Ak-47. Just put my head down when the prof was taking attendance, and in the space of 40 odd roll numbers, I fell asleep :-| . Luckily for me my neighbour woke me up on time. However, thanks to CPC, managed to get through MM easily. Must appreciate the creativity of people, incorporating words like water-buffalo, grasshopper,beer, air hostess, etc in their CP effort! Today's 1st list of words was exhausted in under 10 minutes!

Day 98: 4th Oct, 2009

Suddenly started raining today in the morning due to which the morning matches and cultural events had to be cancelled. I don't know about the teams but the to-be-referee, Ghate, sure was happy to know that he could continue with his sleep :-p

The rain managed to keep most people inside for a good part of the today, mainly by instilling and instigating the slightly dormant laziness inside the helL people. Not wanting to cave in to sleep, it was then that I resorted back to my music indulgence. Uploaded a few recent songs into my ipod shuffle, plugged it into my ears, loaded the lyrics from the internet and blasted my vocal cords off. Thus, I stayed insulated even as I subjected my wing mates to the torture :D .

Finally, went out for dinner. Next stop - the rock show that was going on. This was followed by a band called Faridkot. I must say they played pretty well. And the crowd numbers didn't do much justice. Just made me think that people really don't value something when it comes 'free'. Except may be alcohol. The performance was followed by the insti party. Although I stayed till the end, must say I was a little less active this time. Almost left a couple of times in between only to be lured back by the loud music. Finally came back and slept at around 4 am. Tomorrow (today i.e.) lecture begins at 8 am. Isn't that fun? :D

Day 97: 3rd Oct, 2009

As a soon-to-be manager (safe assumption), today I am truly impressed with the importance of delivering a promise to a customer. So basically what happened is my DELL charger stopped working suddenly. And unlike all the innumerable bad experiences one typically has with many other consumer firms (telecom service providers, malls, food courts, restaurants), getting this issue resolved was a breeze. I called a toll-free number, got through easily to a support person, who asked me to run some program. When that didn't work, I called up the support line again and this time they said they'll just replace the charger. Next day (INSPITE of the fact that it was a holiday!), the DELL guy promptly delivered the new working charger right to my hostel room. Really impressive! As a consumer, this is something that would weigh a LOT on my mind when I would be making a purchase decision.

Went off to catch 'Wake up Sid' in the afternoon with Chajju. Pachpan ditched us for his XL-ency but eventually paid the price for it :-p . I really liked the movie though.

Evening spent time with all the INDEX junta. Random timepass and gupshup. In between went out to see the much awaited Fash P (fashion parade) ! Was pretty nice (as if that wasn't obvious why :-p). Made good use of my RSP whistle :D .

Varchasva sports are going great with IIM L winning almost everything. (No match fixing, I assure you!) Apparently in tennis, XL guys were serving underarm and Vanki comes up with dialogues like - "Serve like a man dude". hehehehe :D

Also had caught some sleep sometime in the evening . So at 5.30 am, I am wide awake as an owl. Will miss breakfast for the third consecutive day I guess. Lets see.

Day 96: 2nd Oct, 2009

Ah! What a great feeling to wake up and know that there are no classes and hence sleep again!

Varchasva - the inter collegiate sports and cultural meet - started off today. The atmosphere is brilliant. Huge contingents from XLRI, NITIE, IIM Indore and a few other colleges have come here. All guys are happy because the chick quotient presently is substantially higher. Great events happening all around the campus. The sports events have especially been superb - very close and brilliant badminton, TT and volleyball victories for IIM L boys team and comfortable victories in football and basketball. The female sports events have been as expected - lots of cheering/booing/sledging AND bird watching (yea hardly any game as such). Couldn't attend too many of the cultural events. However I attended a Kavi Sammelan in the evening where we had Kumar Vishwas, Surinder Sharma and one more person whose name I don't remember. Was awesome!

Also have Kaushik, an INDEX senior, on campus. Met him up. He was wearing the his INDEX Core t-shirt! Can't wait to get my hands on one :) . Then spent the afternoon doing some outsourced work for some friends in other committees on campus.

Thanks to Varchasva, we have some food stalls on campus. Ate hot cheese burst pizzas from dominos for dinner. With the dripping cheese and all! Was Wowwwww!!

Random post. No wonder - it was a random day as well. Went to the DJ nite - good music. I didn't dance much today. Have reserved energy to distribute over the next 2 days. Am going to expend all of it soon!

Day 95: 1st Oct, 2009

Was a comparatively chill start to the day in the sense that lectures started only from 9.45. But the extra DWO lecture in the afternoon more than compensated. When I realised that my brain had stopped responding to whatever was happening in class, I resorted to focusing some energy on doing something 'creative'. Came up with this,

Trying my best to stay awake
Hardly happens to be a piece of cake
My eyelids droop now and then
Random senseless words flow out of my pen.

Necessity is the mother of invention
Trying to discover new sources of recreation
A little fun is in watching others fight sleep
Some have succumbed, in slumber deep.

Disconnected sound waves crown into my ear,
A stifled yawn there, an open one here
Hey! CP challenge some have decided to play
That's an innovative one I say.

I stopped here because now my attention was totally grabbed by the banging of desks over CP points. That is when I realised CPC had come into implementation! Boy, creativity at its best! :D This one is a nice trend. Am actually looking forward to lectures now ;-)

Had an INDEX party in the evening! Went to this place called Genesis. It's a nice place (by Lucknow standards, not by Bombay standards :-p) with OK food. Doesn't really matter much when you are in the company of friends. Got some nice funny stories which cannot be shared here :-p. Maybe I can mention that Vinay got a very exclusive SMS/invitation from one of the most "in-demand" stex female on campus :D

Have a nice loooooooong weekend now. Three whole days. And the best part - I have nothing to do then! Yoohooooo!!

Days 92,93,94: 28th-30th Sep, 2009


Back to helL and how!! Been a super duper hectic three days! The previous two days I slept at 4.45am and 4am respectively! Had a good deal of INDEX work to be done for the PGP1 exclusive event that we will be conducting. No wonder, my only task during lectures was in trying my level best to make sure that my eyelids remain apart. And I definitely didn't make a good deal of it :D

BTW, we have all new profs this term. My first lecture was OM 2. Really nice prof... he put down his rules of discipline initially and basically said you do anything which won't disturb the class and explicitly stated that sleeping is OK. No sooner had he made an invitation to offer than I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Actually I grabbed my spectacles, set them aside and just dozed off on the bench :D . I don't intend to make this any habit though! Was introduced to the some other subjects - Marketing Management(MM), Financial Management(FM), MANAC II, Designing Work Organisations(DWO), QAM II - and respective profs later on. Each one seems to be different from the other.

In midst of all this, had a Dandiya night in college yesterday. Played a bit there. Was fun! Had a fun cricket match today - Harmony Cup! by Bhavishya. INDEX v/s India. Total timepass. Showed some amazing batting skill and helped my team win 4 wides :-p. Anyways, we still allowed India to win the match, mainly because of the patriotism and the INDEX party in plan tomorrow ;-)

Today it is 5.30am - Sunrise happening even as I write this. Truly and completely back to helL! I was told this term is going to be hectic. Now I know (a bit).