Day 535:25th Mar, 2011 - So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Since this is going to be my last post, let me go beyond just describing my day and say a few other things I have wanted to.

2 years, 535 days. Feels like a long time, yet they breezed away like the shortest two years of my life. Sorry to make it sound like an award acceptance speech, but a big big hug and thank you to all my dear friends who made life happen here. I doubt if I'll ever go back to a place which sees so much intelligence, so much passion, so much energy.

Have now spoken the last of difficult goodbyes I had to. The last bit of uncertainty on this campus has been sealed with me finally getting a confirmed ticket, as informed by my travel agent. The last bit of essential stuff has been packed. And the last bit of some remaining fun / useful stuff has been given to my juniors.

Time for this one last post.

Good bye :-)


abhishek sharma said...

hello sirji,

I am joining IIM Lucknow this year. In my search for a 'life at IIM L' blog, I finally struck gold at your blog.

Your blog is awesome and inspiring. I started reading it 2 days back and I am on your 337th day at Hell. ;)

I wish that I could add you on Facebook or Gtalk.

Abhishek Sharma

electricstorm said...

Hi Abhishek, congrats on getting into hel(L)! Your next two years are going to be super awesome!

and thanks for your nice views on my blog :)


Anonymous said...


I am joining helL this summer....awesome blog...believe it or not I read all of it....took me lil less than a month :P the light perspective really helped! Glad to see the other side of the IIM story...hope you you are doing well


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