Day 528:5th Mar, 2011 - Last Insti Party

In keeping with the inverted nights and days, was to wake up pretty late once again. Really useful in times when there is nothing to do. But on the other hand, had a sudden plan for a buffet lunch at Mainland China with my Bombay cartel, Mr. JD, Sardesai and Mr. Just Tea. Good food, good fun. Spent the afternoon getting stuff packed and sent. Almost all my books and quite a lot of other random stuff have been sent back home. My room looks a lot more empty and sparse now. Guess these are all those mini signs and milestones to prepare you for the one last goodbye...

After this, it was only about waiting for the last insti party that the we shall officially celebrate as a PGP batch. Due to the newly introduced 'no drinks' rule, the party (mess 1st floor) was pretty dull in the beginning. But then, MBAs are resourceful and most people made some of their own "arrangements" and then entered the party ;-) . The party took off well then. And it was yet another night of some mad men and ladies head-banging and jumping and moving around under the pretext of dancing :D . As usual, was there right till the end, belting out song after song even after the music had stopped. And even beyond that, with an endless playlist and enthusiastic band members (Nappy Singh, Budhi, Rawat, Kisaan, Pachpan, Chatur) at Just Tea.

However, the fact that it was the last party made it different for PGP2s... One could feel it in the air. Too many hugs thrown around. A few people even breaking down... But everyone with only one common wish - that of freezing the moment forever..


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