Day 526:3rd Mar, 2011

Woke up late and lazy today. This time, it wasn't just about not having anything to do for the day, but not having anything to do regards my MBA! Had a small celebration with lunch at Aryans followed by a visit to CCD. Man, this will be missed.

Had to finish some of my 'No Dues' formalities, and spent all the afternoon covering all the different departments, going to offices in basements which I didn't know existed :-p . Sat around gossiping at Fauzi for the rest of the evening.

Since we didn't have too many days left with us (all of us PGP2 INDEXians had trip plans), we decided to give our finals treat to junior core today itself. The final treat had to be grand, and what grander than Taj! :-) . Went there for the buffet dinner; had to use a little coaxing a persuasion, but we did manage to get a nice big table for ourselves. Had an awesome awesome time, special thanks to Makwana. :D :D . "There is always a goalkeeper, but we will still score" ROFL! :D . An awesome bike ride later on the empty night streets of Lucknow, got back to the INDEX room - for M.A.F.I.A.! Was a plan long pending, and it finally happened. Super fun - even Madman didn't sleep :-P

And just like it has happened for so many other days, this day too has been made special with some a light shower from the skies above :-) Wonderful! :-)


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