Day 533:23rd Mar, 2011 - Endless Goodbyes...

When I came back after dropping my parents, I stayed awake since I had to see off Pachpan in an hour. When that moment actually happened, I myself was surprised by how hard it hit me. You are sometimes so used to just bang open the door of a friend, enter their room for anything - be it timepass, cribbing or advice. And suddenly you know, when you open the door the next time, nothing's going to be there... :-(

But anyways, the show must go on. Didn't feel sleepy after that. So I started off with this newly recommended series 'Death Note' - a Japanese manga. Seems pretty awesome! Went off for lunch to Aryans for one final awesome choley. Also the last time my Discover blazed the streets of Lucknow.

Had been trying all this while to get some cab person for our one-day trip, but unfortunately no one was available at that time. So it was time to indulge in all the usual activities of whiling time. Took the chance and went for one final swim in Umang. (The water is still so cold!) Finished all the latest episodes of HIMYM & TBBT. Got my bike packed and sent.

Point to be noted is I had had only around 6 hours of sleep in the past 60 hours :-p . I wish I had some mechanism to postpone all my sleep requirements over the next 2-3 days to later. But anyways, was feeling a little sleepy around midnight, but decided to have a movie session with Kisaan and Chatur. And once I had evaded that one phase of sleep, I went on to finish two movies Back to the Future and Ice Age 2. (Absolutely loved the latter one!). In between, bidding goodbye to Shomo and Bala as well...

And now finally, after sending my buddies to sleep, I think I shall pay heed to what my body is demanding and get some sleep. But for sure, am having multiple alarms to ensure I don't end up wasting my last few hours at helL .. sleeping!


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